Program Details

Discover Space - Early Spring Meditation Retreat

with Christina de Block & Laurence Francqueville
February 16 / 6:00 PM - February 23 / 9:00 AM

“Look at stress – discover space”

Learn mindfulness meditation, a simple technique for training the mind’s attention and presence, and bringing flexibility and poise to daily life situations in the home or workplace. By learning how to synchronize body and mind, by making friends with our emotions and ourselves, and contemplating appreciation and contentment in everyday life, we are able to touch our humanity and open our heart as a natural movement. We become more available to the world and open to others. Thus we reconnect to the meaning of our life and can relax with who we truly are.

In this retreat we look at how to face stressful situations in a mindful way, and how to cultivate peace and contentment in our life. Thus we will experience more equanimity, discover the simplicity of just being, rather than being overwhelmed by the obligations and challenges of our daily life.

The daily schedule will include sitting and walking meditation, talks, contemplations and exercises, silent periods and discussion. You'll find enough time for yourself, for reading, and for walks and strolls around the beautiful land of Dechen Chöling.

This programme will be taught in French. Translation available at no extra cost.

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