Program Details

Way of Shambhala - Fearlessness in Everyday Life

with Ellen Rook
March 12 / 6:00 PM - April 16 / 8:00 PM

Fearlessness is represented by the Garuda, a mythical bird that is born in space and soars in vastness. Extending beyond hope and fear, we find the immeasurable mind.

This class will be an experiential presentation, rather than a scholarly one, using meditation to open to the groundlessness, uncertainty, and creativity of the world as it is. As the path continues, we learn to work with anxiety, so that we are not blocked by fear. Through an exploration of the traditional Buddhist teachings of mind and the nature of reality, we learn to see clearly. We dare to face life and death as they are. The meditator, open to uncertainty, goes beyond hope and fear. We learn to open to groundlessness and uncertainty, learning to soar fearlessly like the mythical bird known as the Garuda.

Each class allows for an open discussion. Themes covered in this course include groundlessness, impermanence and death, hope and fear, and the mahayana teachings of emptiness and bodhicitta.

Pre-requisite: Joy in Everyday Life class.

if you ou can't afford the listed price, you're welcome to come and pay what you can afford.

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