Program Details

Rigden Weekend

with David Hope
December 14 / 6:00 AM - December 16 / 6:00 AM

The Way of Shambhala will culminate in the “Rigden Weekend”. The Rigden is a representation of our basic enlightened nature and embodies the principle of unconditional bravery. Historically, rigdens were enlightened rulers —those who could “rule their world” based on their unwavering experience of basic goodness.

This weekend includes a formal transmission of windhorse practice. Also, the Shambhala Vow is offered, with an explanation of its meaning at the beginning. For those who would like to take the vow will receive a Shambhala name. Finally the ceremony itself will be the highlight of the weekend.  The vow is optional, no one has to take it at this stage. Also those who have already taken it are very welcome to come. 

Prerequisite: Wisdom in Everyday Life and Level V, or completion of the Sacred Path program and some introductory Buddhist classes.
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