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Running with the Mind of Meditation

with Paul Manasjan & Mayela Manasjan
January 5 / 11:30 AM - February 16 / 1:00 PM

Distance running or walking is often the exercise of choice for reducing stress, bringing us greater perspective and connecting us directly to the wisdom of the body.   The practice of sitting meditation offers similar benefits, helping us cultivate peace and nonjudgmental awareness.

Uniting running with the practice of meditation profoundly enhances our running experience.  When we are fully present, our running becomes a joyful expression of our humanness, a celebration of moving through life with power and grace. 

This biweekly series will introduce us to the practices of sitting, walking, and running meditation. Specific instruction will be provided and we will follow with short sessions of both practices. After working with our mind in stillness, we will learn how to bring our practice into our running using principles presented in Sakyong Mipham’s book “Running with the Mind of Meditation”.

We will then try out what we’ve learned with 2-3 mile meditative walks/runs. When we return we will share our experiences, and then conclude with suggestions for bringing your practice home.

This biweekly series is free of charge and designed for runners and walkers of all levels. Prior meditation experience is not necessary. No advance Registration is required.

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