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Applying for Financial Assistance
We make every effort to make the prices of Shambhala programs affordable to students, while pricing them high enough that they cover the expenses involved in holding the program, and are able to help support the Shambhala practice centers and Shambhala International.

Because of the variances in people's incomes and circumstances, we realize that the prices we set will still be out of reach for some. And with the Shambhala teachings gaining an increasingly international audience, we are challenged to work with the realities of international currency exchange rates, which put some at a severe disadvantage.

To help work with these situations, the land centres have generously agreed to set aside a percentage of each program's revenues to offer financial assistance to those who need it. Please understand that the land centre's ability to help students is limited, and that you should seek other sources of funding in addition to applying for assistance from us. Remember that there is a long tradition of practitioners making personal sacrifice to receive and practice the precious teachings meditation and liberation. This type of devotion and effort is obviously essential—it is what makes the teachings valuable to us and plants them deeply in our beings.

Here are some sources we encourage you to investigate:

  1. People you know. Your friends, family, and even your local Shambhala community.
  2. Your local Shambhala Centre. Centre members have often chipped in to fund or make a loan to enable one of their members to attend one of these important programs on their journey.
  3. Ashoka Credit Union in Boulder, Colorado. This Shambhala community-owned business has helped many obtain loans to attend major Shambhala programs. Their contact information follows:

Ashoka Credit Union
525 Canyon Boulevard
Boulder, CO 80302
Phone: (303) 444-9003

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