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Practicing in bed when too ill to sit

1. Lie down in bed on your back with your feet comfortably apart.  Place your right hand flat on your tummy about 1.5 inches below your navel. Left hand then goes over right hand.  Place your attention on your stomach rising and falling and feel your breath go in and out. Breathe from that area rather than your chest if you can.   Feel your hands go up and down. When you are able to stabilize, attend to the out-breath only, and let the in-breath fend for itself.  Let go of anything else you “should” be doing other than laying down and breathing.

2. If in pain or discomfort, make no attempt to resist. This only intensifies the sensation. Instead merge your awareness with the pain without reservation or splitting mind into an observer separate from the observed.   Surrender completely to feeling poorly, even going so far as groaning or moaning out loud.  Let go into the sadness and discomfort.

3. Visualize your Source of Power above your head.  This can be any image with which you have a connection, and which you consider as a source of healing, compassion, light, energy.  For the workshop, I used an image of the Great Eastern Sun because I wanted it non-denominational.  You can use White Tara, Medicine Buddha, your teacher, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, etc.  Feel rays of light and healing and bliss emanating from the Source of Power penetrating your heart center and spreading healing energy throughout your body.   Become a body of heat, bliss and healing energy.

Alternately: Create a protective net of healing energy over your entire bed and yourself emanating from the Source of Power.  Supplicate the Source of Power to retain the healing net over you throughout the night, protecting you and healing you until you awaken.

--Adapted from instruction given by Jeff Rubin at Unconditional Healing Program, Skylake, October 2006