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Humor as natural medicine

During one of my many hospitalizations at the University Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan, (this one, I think for major surgery,) a man down the hall seemed to be in terrible distress.  My Dad was sitting with me and we listened as the man cried out, "Doctor, Doctor!!"

No doctor came. After a few minutes the gentleman began to cry out again. This time he called out, "Nurse, Nurse!"  No nurse came.

A few minutes later, and in obvious distress, the man then called out, "Chaplain, Chaplain!"  No chaplain came.

Finally, in desperation, the man cried out to his last remaining hope, "Bartender, BARTENDER!!"

My Dad and I collapsed in gales of laughter. As sorry as I was for the old gentleman, he'd managed to get the entire floor to laugh out loud.  Through his suffering he unknowingly gave us all a gift of laughter.  Imagine the good we'll do as we share our
humor intentionally!!

This IS a true story!

- Laurie Silver