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June 13: Arrival in Tibet

Dear Shambhala Community Members,

This morning we received word by telephone that the Sakyong and his party have just completed a 24 hour ride in their convey of jeeps heading west toward Surmang. The Sakyong and all are in good spirits.

The party is nearing Surmang and Lady Kunchok is thrilled to be back in Tibet, which she has not seen since 1959. Her attendant described it as a "triumphant return."

One vehicle experienced a break down causing the party and luggage to be redistributed. The road was very bumpy, but a staff member observed that the resulting physical space constraints brought the party together "in a good way."

The response of the Tibetan people to the Sakyong has been overwhelming. Many have come from near and far to see him. Some do not know him as the Sakyong, but all know about him as the incarnation of the great Mipham, and he is being received as a king.

Communications from this point on will be by satellite phone. As I am in the process of moving to R.M.S.C. for the summer, Kasung Dapön Barry Boyce will be sending these updates to the sangha, as they become available,

Thank you all for your generous support.

Yours in the dharma,
David Brown

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