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Design, Activities & Webmasters

Design & layout by Aaron Bihari.

Many people contribute to creating and maintaining the Shambhala web presence. To coordinate all this co-dependent origination, webmasters join the webguild mailing list. Email sent to webguild@shambhala.org reaches members of this list.

The principal sysadmin is John Gorman. John has also contributed the Webbymail mail/conferencing system used by various Shambhala organizations.

webmaster@shambhala.org is actually a mailing list for the handfull of people who can make changes directly on the www.shambhala.org web server.

It may also be appropriate to contact the individual webmaster responsible for a given page or area (especially to update content). Some of these areas, and associated people:

Membership Services
Center Administration
Center Lists
Dorje Kasung
Mark Szpakowski

To add or update center content, email center@shambhala.org. If you have Shambhala pages on another server, please let us know so we can link to them.

Copyrights and Permissions

All material on this site is © Copyright 1997-2003 Shambhala International. All Rights Reserved, except for otherwise copyrighted and acknowledged text and images.

General copyright and permissions discussions are best conducted on the webguild list. Webmasters of Shambhala center sites should refer to the web-rights pages.

All material on this site © Copyright 1997-2003 Shambhala International
All Rights Reserved

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