November 23, 2010

Dear friend of Shambhala,

As our Sakyong enters the final months of his retreat, we have good news to report. Thanks to open-hearted gifts from all over the world, we have almost completely funded the final five months of his retreat – everyone’s donations came to $93,540. Each day of his retreat is now fully sponsored by different patrons. He will be returning to the monastery in Nepal and all we need to cover now is the airfare for the royal party and a generous gift to the monastery.

            More good news arrived just in time for the Sakyong’s birthday: a sudden outpouring of support (over $15,000) has fully funded the Shambhala Lineage thangka – being painted for us in northern India by master thangka painter, Noedup Rongae .

            All this is part of “Our Future”, the campaign that we launched at the Tenshuk ceremony, just before the Sakyong entered retreat. We have now reached over 80% of our target, which was huge! We were aiming for $874,000 and we have so far received $700,000 in gifts, pledges and estimates.

            We are now tantalizingly close to meeting our full target. We are putting our all into reaching this goal. So we are sending you this letter now, which will replace the usual end-of-year appeal from Shambhala.

            We have a new website that clearly shows you everything we are trying to achieve in the Our Future campaign, how much we have been able to allocate to each project, and important updates on each project.

To view this update click here.

Each of these photos will take you to a major feature of the campaign. Just click on the photo and it will show you what we are aiming to do and how close are to our target:

We know that you are faced with many opportunities to give during this year end period and would like to thank you in advance for giving of your time in checking out this new website and for giving financial support so we can cross the finishing line of this huge campaign!

To make your offering to Our Future please click here…

            The Sakyong has stressed to us the significance of this campaign. He feels it is laying the basis for what he wishes to accomplish as he contemplates the future. We are therefore sending this individualized letter to every single person in the mandala so you can offer your support.

            We send you the warmest of wishes and our appreciation for all you are doing at this time…

 Richard Reoch President of Shambhala Joshua Silberstein Chief of Staff, the Sakyong Ladrang