Our Future Year End Report


Beginning with the Tenshuk in October 2009, the Sakyong Ladrang and Shambhala launched a unified campaign to fund the Sakyong's year of retreat as well as to sustain Shambhala's central mandala services. This campaign is known as Our Future


Today we are delighted to announce that we are close to meeting our goal. We are now entering the final phase of the campaign!


Supporting the Sakyong's Year of Retreat


The Sakyong at Tashi Choling monastery in Parping, Nepal


The Sakyong began his retreat in November 2009 in Halifax, during which time he engaged in intensive practice and writing. In February 2010 he flew to Pharping, Nepal, and engaged in practice intensives such as the Gesar Drupchen. He came back to the United States this summer to lead two major practice events for our community, Vajrayana Seminary and a Scorpion Seal Assembly.


During this period our community was blessed with a new princess, Drukmo Yeshe Sarasvati Ziji Mukpo. The Sakyong Wangmo and the new baby have joined the Sakyong as he continues his retreat, spending time in Halifax and Boulder before leaving for Asia once more at the end of this year.


Supporting the Sakyong's Year of Retreat


Patrons and sponsors have been incredibly generous in supporting the Sakyong's year of retreat. We are excited to announce that we have almost completely funded his full retreat! The only remaining expense is the airfare to Nepal for the royal party of six people, and the traditional gift he will bestow on the monastery.



Sustaining our Lineage


Artists hard at work on the Shambhala Lineage thangka at the Shambhala School of Art in India


A key objective of the Our Future campaign is to sustain our lineage as it moves forward. With the help of The Sakyong Foundation we have raised all the funds to complete the Shambhala Lineage thangka. The thangka depicts the Sakyong's vision of the Shambhala Lineage.  The intention is that this huge thangka, once completed, would be toured throughout the mandala so that centres can display it publicly in their cities and towns.


Our campaign has also supported the Courts of the Sakyong and his family. As you can see below, we added a nurse to support the Sakyong Wangmo prior to and through the birth of the princess - wonderfully this expense has been covered by patrons.


Sustaining our Lineage



Teachings & Program Development



A grateful crowd of students at the New York Shambhala Center


One way we are building Our Future is through further development of the Way of Shambhala. We have received reports from Shambhala Centres worldwide that students are coming in larger numbers than ever before to experience this unified curriculum. Even as we continue to refine these classes the Sakyong has already been hard at work expounding further commentary on the Shambhala terma of the Vidyadhara.


Development of the Way of Shambhala is being done largely by Acharya Adam Lobel and the Office of Practice and Education.  We have raised about 60% of the required funding, and we need your support to continue this vital work.


Teachings and Program Development



Support for Shambhala's Central Mandala Services



Left photo: Shambhala Mandala Services staff & volunteers from left to right: Jill Scott, Vicky De Palma, Andrea Doukas, Edith Sage, Benoît Côté, Patricia Bennett, Carolyn Mandelker, David Brown, Coleen Logan, Gordon Kidd, Brenda Wentzell, Dimitrios Mastrodimitropoulos and Emily Sell

Right photo: Other staff members of Shambhala Media, from left to right: David MacLellan, Jeanne Cain, Terry Rudderham, Nyima Wimberly

Staff and volunteers missing from photos: Acharya David Schneider, Acharya Judy Lief, Lodro Rinzler, Candlin Dobbs, Greg Heffron, Jennifer Holder, Holly Gayley, Ellen Kearney, Carolyn Gimian, Jeanne Riordan, Ruth Holmes-Whitehead, Anna Weinstein, Tony Matthews, Linda Lewis and Dinah Brown. Plus others who volunteer and help out in so many ways!


Shambhala's small core staff needs our support. We need over $250,000 a year in one-time donations to maintain our staff and services. These donations go to support the dedicated staff in the Office of Practice & Education, the Office of Finance, Development, and the Office of the Kalapa Court. This also includes all the travel expenses for our President and Chagdzo Kyi Khyap (both are volunteers). We have already covered just over half of the amount we need to fully support these services for this year.


Support for Shambhala's Central Mandala Services



Despite a very ambitious goal we are pleased to report that we are extremely close to the finish line for the Our Future campaign.  It was thanks to the generosity of our community, exhibiting an inspiring display of support for the Sakyong and Shambhala vision, that these goals have been almost entirely met.


Original Estimate
Actual Amount Needed
Amount Raised to Date
Amount Needed
OVERALL CAMPAIGN TOTALS $1,058,000  $ 874,100  $700,930  $  173,200


At this time we would like to ask for your support in finishing this campaign in order to lay the ground for our future. Please give as generously as you can so that we can close this campaign before the end of the year and greet the Sakyong as he comes out of retreat with this terrific news!


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We can afford to open ourselves and join the rest of the world with a sense of tremendous generosity, tremendous goodness, and tremendous richness. The more we give, the more we gain - although what we gain should not particularly be our reason for giving. Rather, the more we give, the more we are inspired to give constantly. And the gaining process happens naturally, automatically. -Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche