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The Our Future campaign took place during the year of the tiger and has now concluded.


"We have the future in our hands" - Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche



     During this year of retreat the Sakyong has asked us to join him in

deepening our practice and strengthening the foundations for

building Shambhala.


Based on the magic that continues to take place throughout the mandala

at Sangha Retreats and Scorpion Seal Assemblies we can expect the terma

of the Vidyadhara to reveal itself more and more. This is a powerful time

to build an even stronger foundation for the years ahead. We can expect

the Sakyong to return with even greater inspiration for moving the vision

of Shambhala forward. We want to be ready to support him as he leads

us into our future.




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please click here. In the comment section please write "Our Future."

One Time Donations

You can support Our Future by offering a one-time donation. Whatever you can give

is appreciated and is a valuable contribution to the essential support of the mandala.



Click here to view the budget for the Our Future Campaign


All gifts that are made to the Our Future fund go towards


     - travel, household, and staff needs for the Sakyong's retreat

     - transcribing the commentary on the Shambhala Terma of the Vidyadhara

     - completing the Rigden Lineage thangka for all our centres

     - our core staff in Practice & Education working on the new curriculum


   ...and a number of other core expenses for Shambhala. For a budget statement please click here. All donations made to Our Future are tax deductible.

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