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Dear friends,


I am writing to you today from the eye of the worst economic storm that has occurred during my short lifetime, New York City. You can almost smell the panic in Manhattan and the stories of layoffs and budget cuts not just here but throughout the nation are becoming more common each day. It seems like a particularly apt time for us to release the third Dana Group newsletter which focuses on expressing generosity and opening up further in the face of economic fear and emotional shut down.


The Dana Group has certainly been busy since our last newsletter. We had a second in-person meeting this summer during an event that the Sakyong taught entitled “The Path of the Patron.” During this program the Sakyong invited those of us who work intimately with money to not just consider it as part of our path but that for some of us it could be our primary tool for spiritual growth. In the room were many long-time major donors and members of the Shambhala government that work with finance and fundraising. At the end of the day the Sakyong welcomed the first eleven Kalapa Patrons to his inner mandala. To see the full definition of a Kalapa Patron click here.


Following the summer we found ourselves in the midst of a series of campaigns which have been incredibly exciting. The Sakyong Foundation partnered with Shambhala to launch the local centre matching gift campaign. Just as last year a matching gift through The Sakyong Foundation strengthened Shambhala Mandala Services this year we were able to strengthen Shambhala Centres and Groups worldwide as $25,000 in new recurring donations were raised to release $250,000 in one time gifts.


We also launched a new format for Shambhala’s year end campaign. In order to save trees, energy, and money we released a year end letter through e-mail to over 8000 Shambhala households. Using the Shambhala database we were able to individualize these letters for people who recently attended Warrior Assembly, dathun, or Sutrayana Seminary, to Vajrayana students, and to our existent recurring donors.


Amongst other balls up in the air right now we’re gearing up for Shambhala Day and trying to raise more awareness about planned giving. For more information about the work we are doing on estate planning please click here.


As always, members of the Dana Group are available to have a genuine dialogue around finances in our mandala. We also always appreciate feedback about these newsletters. Feel free to contact us at While times are certainly tough in this economy we are resolved to facing the situation with an open heart as well as an open palm. We invite you to join us.


Yours in the three jewels,

Lodro Rinzler

Dana Group, chair


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