The Dana Group Newsletter

Committed to the Paramita of Generosity


Dear friends,

A great deal has happened since our last newsletter. Perhaps the biggest piece of news is that from Harvest of Peace through Shambhala Day the Dana Group ran a very successful matching gift campaign which, alongside a bequest has eliminated all of Shambhala core service’s operating debt.

The fact that we are no longer making loan payments means that all new and recurring donations that were received in this campaign and from now on will fund new services that will aide your local Shambhala Centre. Along those lines I have been asked to serve as the Development Coordinator for Shambhala on a full-time basis in order to continue the work of the Dana Group. To everyone who contributed their time, efforts, and money to this campaign, thank you!

Another piece of big news is that the Dana Group met in person for the first time in February.After close to a year of monthly conference calls having all of us in a room together was absolutely electric. We were also joined by President of Shambhala, Richard Reoch in our discussions and were able to map out priorities for the coming year.

Much or what we are up to is on our new website.  The site currently hosts teachings on generosity, resources for local fund-raising efforts, the results of our recent survey on why people do or do not give to Shambhala, information about the Dana Group, and much more. Keep checking back as we upload templates for annual report and donation acknowledgement letters, video content, and updates on campaigns.

Last but not least we are developing a generosity practice tool that should be coming out in the next couple of months.  Keep your eyes open for that! There is a blur of activity around the Dana Group which I would like to invite you to explore in this newsletter and on our website.  As always, we look forward to your input, advice, and feedback as we move forward.

Yours in the dharma,

Lodro Rinzler

Dana Group, chair