Shambhala Day Celebrations Sunday 18 February

Jan 26, 2007

We are fortunate to have Shambhala Day on a Sunday this year ­ Sunday 18 February. This makes it possible for every Shambhala Centres to host a wonderful gathering of practitioners, friends and families for a day of celebration and generosity. Please make a special effort to attend this year. Many centres include special activities for families and children.

The day will begin at most centres with the community practice of the "Elixir of Life" (often known as the "Birthday Sadhana"). There will also be a showing of the latest Shambhala Day film. This year the half-hour film includes reports from the Blossoming of the Sun festival (the wedding of the Sakyong and Khando Tseyang), the visit of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to the Great Stupa, the opening of the new Shambhala Centre in Hamburg, Germany, and highlights of all Shambhala Centres in North America.

We will have the traditional international roll call in which all centres participate. That will start at Noon Atlantic Standard Time. This is the prelude to the Sakyong's address to the mandala.

To ensure proper broadcast quality, the Sakyong will be recording his message to be broadcast to us while he and Khandro Tseyang are in India for the wedding festival hosted by the Ripa family in Orissa. We will see if the group of some 80 Shambhala pilgrims visiting sacred sites en route to the wedding can join us by phone from Bhubaneshwar, the state capital of Orissa.

Details for the international hook-up have been sent to all centres. If your centre did not receive these, please contact:

This is the day everyone is invited to make a generous contribution to the financial well-being of Shambhala as a whole.

In Europe donations go to support the tremendous efforts of Shambhala Europe and Dechen Choling. In a letter to Shambhalians throughout Europe, director Chris Tamdjidi writes: "As it says in the Shambhala teachings, when we have fearlessness and genuineness, cultivate discipline of body, speech and mind, as individuals or as a community, we raise our windhorse. When we do so, we attract the blessings of auspiciousness, and the golden rain of richness descends."

In North America, everyone is receiving a letter from President Reoch, inviting every Shambhala household to offer a regular monthly contribution of $10 a month to the central services of the mandala. Recurring donations like this on a mass scale would lay the basis for a stable financial future and help fund the many activities listed at the end of the report he posted after his recent tour of all centres.

"When I went to so many Shambhala Centres at the end of last year, people asked me what they could do to help the centre of our mandala," he says in his letter. "Our ability to serve you would be completely transformed if every Shambhala household in North America made a regular, recurring donation of $10 to the centre of the mandala. My goal is to reach this tipping point on Shambhala Day this year."

His report and list of activities is highlighted (President's Tour Report 2006) on the search engine of the Shambhala website:
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(This announcement was from the Shambhala News Service)