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Windhorse Retreat Center Seeks Executive Director

Jun 16, 2012

Windhorse Retreat Center is seeking a fulltime Executive Director. Windhorse is located near Plymouth, Wisconsin, one hour north of Milwaukee. Situated on 39 acres adjacent to the beautiful Kettle Moraine State Forest, Windhorse serves as the Midwest's residential land center and is governed by a council consisting of the directors and representatives of the Chicago, Madison, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis Shambhala Centers; members representing the three pillars (government, protection, practice, and education); and a member of the Kalapa Council.

Windhorse provides residential Shambhala programs and group and individual retreats, and is a focus for exploring, discussing, practicing, and teaching environmental sustainability.

As Windhorse Retreat Center’s first paid Executive Director, the successful candidate will have the opportunity to help shape the Center’s future direction and growth. The director’s compensation package includes a salary commensurate with experience, housing, a health insurance subsidy, four weeks paid vacation, and retreat and program benefits.

Please review the job description below.

To apply for the position, please email your resume and cover letter by July 31 to Tom Adducci at and Janet Hasz at

If you have questions about the position, please email the above with your questions and include your phone number.

Windhorse Retreat Center
Executive Director Job Description


The Executive Director provides major leadership at Windhorse, supervising personnel and program operations, and acting as steward of the facilities and their environment. The Director is accountable to the Governing Council. The Director works in collaboration with the Governing Council of the Center, and with paid staff and volunteers throughout the Midwest Region. The Director applies knowledge of contemplative practice and Shambhala Buddhism throughout all of her/his tasks.


Develops an annual calendar of programs in collaboration with Midwest Region Center Directors and Directors of Practice and Education.
Is responsible for staffing and functioning of programs.
Is responsible for promoting programs to groups and individuals—especially through the use of electronic media, including email, the Center website, and social networking.
Ensures maintenance of the environment as an appropriate container for contemplative practice, including physical facilities and social ambiance.
Schedules and facilitates individual retreats.
Supervises and hires (and if necessary terminates) paid staff.
Provides guidance and feedback so that administrative and volunteer workers complete their tasks properly and effectively.
Nurtures, mentors, and empowers volunteers and staff.
With the Governing Council, develops the strategic goals and priorities of the Center. Is responsible for implementing these goals and priorities.
Develops an annual budget, and reports quarterly to the Governing Council regarding progress against that budget.
Manages Center finances, including bookkeeping and maintaining accurate records.
Is responsible for development planning and fundraising activities in collaboration with the Governing Council.
Acts as the face of the Center in relating to the greater Shambhala mandala and represents the Center in relating to the local community and other organizations.


Strong connection to the Sakyong and commitment to Shambhala vision.
Vajrayana Seminary graduate highly desirable.
Ongoing connection to meditation practice.
Experience managing an organization or enterprise.
Experience in facility management highly desirable
Experience managing a budget.
Program or project management experience.
Experience or interest in environmental sustainability highly desirable.


Exceptional communication skills, written and oral.
Strong leadership and interpersonal skills, with a particular emphasis on collaboration and meeting the needs of multiple constituencies
High degree of independence in prioritizing and implementing activities.
Ability to evaluate needs and make decisions.
Ability to inspire others, seek and welcome their suggestions and advice, work well with diverse team members, and make decisions that take into account the wealth of others’ views and experience.
Basic maintenance and repair skills desirable.
Good planning and organizational skills.
Problem-solving skills.
Accounting skills.

(This announcement was from the Shambhala News Service)