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Kalapa Council Supports Shambhala Environmental Sustainability

Apr 25, 2012

The Kalapa Council, in conjunction with Earth Day, is sharing with the community a fresh initiative for Shambhala to engage meaningfully with the pressing need for environmental sustainability. Please read the full statement on the Shambhala Times here:

In his Earth Day message on Sunday the Sakyong stated: "As the world now faces seemingly insurmountable challenges, our future is at a crossroads.... It is no longer a time when the future can be decided by one person, or even a few individuals. Rather, as a global society, we must pause and reflect on this essential theme: who are we, and what are we doing? This is the meaning of Earth Day. It is a time when humanity can reflect on who we are and how we might move forward."

Shambhala has an active Touching the Earth Working Group with the task of manifesting environmental sustainability and awareness in Shambhala Centres where no policies or practices exist, and to augment those that do exist. From Earth Day onwards this working group will be launching a mandala-wide contemplation and consultation on how best Shambhala ­- at all levels -­ can adopt and put into effect the urgently needed policies and practices that will bring us into line with contemporary standards for environmental sustainability.

The Touching the Earth group has worked on a Statement of View being circulated to centres, that it wishes all centres to contemplate and discuss. Once centres have discussed the Statement of View, a Policy and Procedures document, focusing on sustainability at our local centres, will also be circulated for further discussion. That would lead to local decision-making on what each centre is willing to do, followed by a manageable and productive phase of putting those local decisions into practice.

The Kalapa Council is delighted with the progress made by the Touching the Earth Working Group and is totally supportive of this initiative.

Please read the full statement here:

(This announcement was from the Shambhala News Service)