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Amazon Releases Opening Chapter of Running with the Mind of Meditation; Interview Online

Apr 5, 2012

With a week to go before the publication of Running with the Mind of Meditation -- the Sakyong's new book -- Amazon has posted the opening chapter
on its website:

If you want to pre-order the book -- which helps boost initial publicity and public interest in any publication -- please visit If you prefer to support your favourite local bookseller, consider visiting them this week to make an advance purchase.

"As a long-time meditator, I found that reading Running with the Mind of Meditation has refreshed and simplified my understanding of what practice
is," writes Acharya Dale Asrael in a letter to Shambhala members. "One of the book's most prominent themes, however, goes beyond these specific applications. The Sakyong defines stages of training, based on the four dignities of the Shambhala warrior, which beautifully illustrate how skills can be built while simultaneously cultivating inner values. These stages of development can apply to a wide range of activities, including meditation, and reveal an approach to learning that respects both strengthening and deepening, challenge and relaxation, perseverance and joy."

To read all about the book, its website and the launch events, please visit the Shambhala Times article:

To watch an interview with the Sakyong by Waylon Lewis on Walk the Talk online forum please visit: To see bonus footage of the interview visit:

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