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Shambhala Day Results, News and Videos

Mar 2, 2012

The Sakyong and Sakyong Wangmo's Shambhala Day addresses are now available to view online:

Fund-raising Results

People around the world donated an unprecedented $333,000 to our Shambhala Day campaign this year, more than has ever been raised in previous Shambhala Day campaigns.

Partly due to serious technical problems with the broadcast and partly due to many people being unable to attend an event on a weekday, the total fell seriously short of the goal. The aim was -- and still is -- to raise $1,080,000 to fund our international budget.

This year's campaign aimed to raise that amount in one single campaign, rather than asking multiple times in the coming year.

In the week following Shambhala Day, thirty centre directors took part in conference calls to discuss how to close the funding gap in the coming period. They offered a wide range of suggestions, a menu of options that will be considered by centres and groups. These include:

- increasing the percentage each Shambhala Centre transfers to Shambhala's core services
- organizing personalized call campaigns to reach out to individuals who have traditionally not made offerings to Shambhala to include their feedback in our discussion and invite them to make a donation
- adding an option to give to Shambhala International on local pledge cards
- e-mailing the beautiful fund-raising video from President Reoch to their membership
- offering prints of the lovely drawings from that video for sale
- setting up Facebook campaigns to reach out to the sangha online
- sharing future fund-raising revenue with Shambhala
- increasing prices of programs at the local level and offering the difference to Shambhala

If you have not yet seen President Reoch's video, or made your Shambhala Day donation you can do so by clicking here: and here:

News on the Broadcast

The Shambhala Online team has carried out an initial investigation into problems with the broadcast and is writing to all centres and groups about it. The problems were not universal. Many centres reported good reception. The variation points to issues that need to be resolved both at the local and international levels.

Before the next online community event, the Shambhala Online team will be providing very specific recommendations for improving the quality at all locations. These recommendations will be posted in the meeting room during the testing time before the start of each broadcast. They will also offer testing sessions in advance for any centre or group who would like to do that. A session is scheduled for this Sunday at 3 pm Atlantic time. The team is also exploring options for providing tech support during each event.

"Our aim is to deliver good quality, real-time programs for everyone," says Heather Scott of the Shambhala Online team. "We are constantly learning in the process of our work."

Videos are now Live

To view the Sakyong's and Sakyong Wangmo's addresses, please click here: and here:

To read the transcript of the Sakyong's address, please click here

The address is followed by links to a transcription of the Sakyong Wangmo's Shambhala Day address, and the Sakyong's guided meditation given on Shambhala Day.

To view The President's film weaving together the themes of our global crisis, our lineage vision, and Shambhala Day giving, please click here

For instructions on downloading the Shambhala Day Film, "Making the Impossible Possible -- the Year in Review" please click here:

The Shambhala Day film is already available in Czech, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian, thanks to the work of our international translators and Hamish Maclaren. Other languages will follow. For information how to view the film with subtitles in all languages, please click here:

Click here to make a donation: and to find out more about the international budget, please click here:

(This announcement was from the Shambhala News Service)