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International Program Manager Job Posting

Dec 9, 2011

The Shambhala Office of Practice and Education is now hiring a new International Program Manager. Edith Sage, who has filled this position with skill and grace, will be leaving her position after Shambhala Day, 2012.

The International Program Manager is a full-time position, and s/he must live in Halifax, or be willing and able to relocate. The job requires a good deal of travel and experience working on major programs, preferably at one of the Shambhala land centres. Applicants should have completed Rigden Abhisheka. We are looking for an energetic, organized, enthusiastic worker, who enjoys problem solving, and works well with others as part of a team. The salary for this position is $33,000/year.

Important Skills

  • Excellent computer skills - must be comfortable working with office tools such as Word, Excel, email, Googledocs; web databases (Shambhala Database, Applications Database), the Shambhala Network, web surveys etc.

  • Excellent communication skills - writing reports, making presentations, creating and maintaining program manuals; explaining Shambhala policies to a wide variety of people (land centre directors and staff, acharyas, program staff, participants); relating with students about applications; diplomatic skills in representing Shambhala worldwide when traveling.

  • Program management skills - experience with all phases of planning, budgeting, staffing, materials, set-up, coordination, and follow-up for major international programs in Shambhala.

  • Organizational skills - able to organize time in working on many projects simultaneously (program applications and program planning across the mandala), develop timelines, etc.

  • Ability to understand and work with financial policy - able to work with Chagdzo Kyi Khyap and land centre chagdzos to help develop, explain and represent financial policies of Shambhala, including honorariums, scholarships, and program benefits.

  • Sense of humour - essential for any job in Shambhala is the ability to delight in the chaos of our mandala, and appreciate the humour that arises from the friction between our vision and our resources!

  • If you would like to apply for this position, please send your resume, and a cover letter explaining your experience and interest in working for Shambhala, to OPE Director Andrea Doukas,

    (This announcement was from the Shambhala News Service)