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Shambhala Lineage Thangka Now Funded, Announces Sakyong Foundation

Nov 15, 2010

The Sakyong Foundation is delighted to announce that the painting of the Shambhala Lineage Thangka, commissioned by the Sakyong, Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche, in 2008, is now fully funded. The announcement happily coincides with the Sakyong's birthday today (Monday 15 November).

"We are so thankful to the generosity of the many people throughout Shambhala who have now made it possible for this completely new work of art to be brought into the world," said The Sakyong Foundation.

The thangka is a full depiction of the Shambhala Lineage refuge tree. The 7 x 10 foot painting depicts the Primordial Rigden as the central figure. Surrounding the Rigden are all 25 Rigden Kings, Queens, the Ancestral Sovereigns, Padmasambhava, and numerous Shambhala, Kagyu and Nyingma lineage figures.

The painting is the work of master thangka artist Noedup Rongae leading his team at his Shambhala Art School in Northern India. Noedup expects they will complete the work in July 2011. The intention is that this huge piece of art, once completed, would be toured throughout the mandala so that centres can display it publicly in their cities and towns.

In 2008 in collaboration with Shambhala, The Sakyong Foundation made an initial grant of $25,000 to support the creation of this lineage thangka. These funds came from donations to the Shambhala Vision campaign. This year, as part of the Our Future campaign, the Foundation has granted the remaining funds to Noedup Rongae and his team of artists at the Shambhala Art School.

Starting with two anonymous $5000 donations in early June this year, The Sakyong Foundation challenged a small group of donors to raise the remaining $15,000 needed to finish the work before the Sakyong completes his year of retreat. These donors' inspiration and generosity has made it possible for the foundation joyfully to announce on the Sakyong's birthday that his aspiration has been fulfilled.

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(This announcement was from the Shambhala News Service)