Aging in Shambhala

Old age; as Shambhalians we recognize the natural inevitability of this stage of life and the opportunity it provides for deepening our practice.

How do we Shambhalians aspire to experience our own old age and that of our friends and family? How do we aspire to organize the support, physical, psychological and spiritual, that may be needed? How can we continue to establish Enlightened Society in our old age?

These are the fundamental questions that have been taken up by the Shambhala Working Group on Aging, formed in March 2008 as a working group of the Sakyong's Council.

The goal of the working group is to connect with and cultivate the inherent wisdom of Shambhala Society in relation to old age.

To do so, the working group aspires to gather and share experiences and information from throughout the Shambhala mandala as well as from the greater society.

This web page is intended as a dynamic source of information for all Shambhalians to explore the issues of old age. We will post stories, resources and links drawn from sources both within and outside the Shambhala mandala.

Shambhala members are warmly invited to join an on-going email discussion on aging.

Harry and his Grandma





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Caring for Ruthie by Ann Cason (PDF)


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