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The Shambhala Center offers a number of resources available to members and to the public. Below is helpful information on how to obtain or access the resources the Center has to offer:

Library and Bookstore

At the Center you’ll find a lending library consisting of a variety of books that have been donated to the Center. The topics are related to dharma and cover areas such as Tibetan Buddhism, Zen, Philosophy, and Culture. A checkout system is in place for those who wish to visit the Center and check out any of these books.

In addition, the Center operates a bookstore where a variety of books and materials related to the teachings presented at the Center can be purchased for Buddhist Studies classes offered at the Center or simply for advancing one’s own understanding of Shambhala and Shambhala Buddhism.

Multimedia Library

The Center maintains a collection of audio and video resources that may checked out for home or Center use. These are available to members only. The following are links to resources we have available:

Audio Recordings from Center Programs

Acharya Judith Lief
Meditation Practice in Everyday Life (complete weekend program) 4 hrs. 4 min. Format: MP3, Audio cassette Recorded: Jan. 13-15, 2006 Price: $60

Meditation Practice in Everyday Life – “The Seven Qualities of a Dharmic Person” (Fri. night talk)
Formats: CD Audio, MP3, Audio cassette Recorded: Jan. 13, 2006 Price: $15

Meditative Mind and Social Engagement - Public Talk
Formats: MP3, Audio cassette Recorded: Jan. 12, 2006 Price: $15

Richard Reoch, Shambhala President
Ruling Your World
Recorded: April 6, 2006 Formats: CD Audio, MP3, Audio cassette Price: $15

Eva Wong, Feng Shui Consultant to Shambhala
Community Address on Locating New Center Space
Recorded: Aug. 13, 2006 Formats: CD Audio, MP3 Price: $10Contact Chris Montone to order any of the priced media

Video Resources (members only)

Contact Patricia Gershanik to request specific titles for rental
No charge to listen at the Center. $10 to listen or view at home
(security deposit required, refunded upon return of media)

Practice Resources

The following are resources to support your practice:
Daily Chants (with cover): $28.75
Lojong Slogan Cards: $16.95
Bodhisattva Vow & Practice: includes the liturgy for the actual vow ceremony, the Morning Liturgy for Mahayana Students, the Friendliness Sutta, lojong slogans, and Forty-Six Ways in Which a Bodhisattva Fails. $11.00

Available from the Nalanda Translation Committee

Meditation Cushions
Gongs and Incense
Meditation Supplies
Dharma Arts Supplies

(including calligraphy brushes and ink, ikebana supplies, tea ceremony supplies)
Books and Media

Available from Samadhi Cushions

Related Websites
We have compiled a list of links to other websites where you may find additional resources.

Explore Related Websites >

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