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Ongoing Programs and Social Groups

Kyudo Archery
Sundays, 11:30am
to 1:30pm

Japanese Zen archery classes meet off site every Sunday, rain or shine. Equipment is provided.
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Social Group
The Pen Club

Sundays, 3:00pm
to 5:00pm

If you have a creative drive that expresses itself in writing, feel free to join us!
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Social Group
Shambhala Arts Salon

4th Wednesday of each month, 7:30–9:00 pm
Please join us for a monthly gathering of those interested in the path of the contemplative arts.
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Contemplative Arts

“Shambhala is a culture. Our vision takes form not only through meditation and study, but also through society and the dignity of culture. Let the contemplative practice of the arts flourish throughout Shambhala. Let dance, movement, painting, calligraphy, chado, ikebana, kyudo, mudra and the other arts find their place, be welcomed and unfold graciously throughout the kingdom. Let our community be enhanced by the power of the inner arts that strengthen our being – outer, inner and secret. My aspiration is to provide to our entire mandala, to the best of my abilities, a living example of this spirit of profound loyalty and commitment, leadership and service. Let us create together the culture of the New Golden Age. KI KI SO SO.”

Shambhala cultural activities may be roughly grouped into four major categories: the arts, health, education, and business. The following are some of the disciplines or pathways we engage in at our center.

Shambhala Art
Shambhala Art is art that springs from clear perception and pure expression. The program, consisting of five sequential weekends or parts, is based on the Dharma Art teachings of the late Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. The Shambhala Art explores the creative process and the product we call art from the point of view of clear perception and pure expression. It is about the source of inspiration, how the creative process manifests and finally how what we create communicates that inspiration. See also

Calligraphy and Visual Arts
The simple act of putting ink on paper can be a direct way to see our mind. Fear, hesitation, confusion and our state of mind manifest on the page as we move the brush in our hand. The creative process of calligraphy enables us to see our obstacles and work with them, through the synchronizing of mind and body.

Flower Arranging: Ikebana
In 1982, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche formed a new school of ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) inspired by his own training and vision. Kalapa Ikebana, as this school is called, promotes the study and practice of flower arranging, often working closely with masters of other schools of ikebana.

Kyudo Archery
Kyudo means the way of the bow and can be described as a form of standing meditation. Under the direction of Shibata Kanjuro, Sensei and senior instructors, students learn an ancient form of archery using traditional Japanese bows. Kyudo is a form of meditation practice, not sport, and hitting the target is not considered important. The purpose of kyudo is to purify one's heart and mind to awaken the natural dignity of being human, beyond the obstacles of ambition, aggression or confusion. Learn More >

Maitri Five Wisdoms Practice
This practice is based on the principles of the five buddha families, each of which expresses a particular style and attitude of openness. Maintaining a posture associated with each family in five specifically designed rooms heightens the characteristic patterns of energy of each family, so that both the neurotic and sane aspects of the student's personal style becomes apparent. See also

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