From Ellen Rook (, Nov/Dec 1995:

Living far from sangha families, we've developed our own Children's Day customs: the children select special meals. For several years the children made a new King and Queen for the shrine, although this year we purchased permanent royalty. We usually go out and do something special that the children choose such as a planetarium visit, movie, or roller skating.

One other tradition we practice in our home is to make a castle as part of the shrine. This began when we gave our children a set of wooden blocks. We erected a fanciful castle enclosing the rest of their presents. Since then, they expect a castle to appear! This year my youngest daughter has requested we make a gingerbread castle instead.

I am interested in how other families celebrate the holiday. Do you celebrate on the solstice or on Christmas? Do your extended families participate? Do people really set up a three tiered shrine? How far in advance does it go up?

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Last modified Dec 3, 1995